Welcome to Classroom A/V Services’ A/V Access web site. Preregistration for your Hokie Passport is no longer required. Simply swipe your card at the card reader in a classroom and you will be automatically registered. Only users with VT-Faculty or VT-Staff affiliations have access to all A/V systems. Students must be granted access to an A/V system by a faculty member.

Please Note:

  • Log into this web site to check your affiliations. Faculty and Staff members can also use this web site to grant student access to the A/V systems in the classrooms.
  • Only graduate students with a current Hokie Passport that are assigned by a department to teach or assist an instructor with classes may have access to the A/V systems in the classrooms. Graduate students must be registered by a faculty or staff member from their department using this site.

Please remember that classroom audio visual equipment is for academic use only. Personal or private use of the equipment is not allowed. No student organizations are allowed access to the installed A/V systems in the general assignment classrooms.